Bachelors party is great that you can really do whatever you want here. nothing is taboo here, you just have fun here and enjoy life. And you ask me how I know? It is simple. I was there two years ago and I still remember it beautifully. We were there and I really liked everything. There was even a dance competition. And because I like competitions and also dancing, we took part in dancing competitions. I really enjoyed it. I wanted to win, so my friend and I paid a dance teacher so we could have a great chance of winning. I also wrote a letter to my mother that I would take part in a great competition, which will also be on TV. I immediately sent the letter that day so that the letter to my mother would arrive on time. I really enjoyed it here. In addition, our dance teacher was a really handsome man. He was tall and had a lot of muscle and was also beautifully tanned.

I love ralax and dancing.

He was very sexy and he liked his dark hair very much. My friend fell in love too. but she had a husband at home, so I was unlucky. But I am a faithful woman and I love my husband. The bachelors party is perfect and when the dance teacher taught us to dance, I was like in the clouds. The man smelled beautiful and I had wild thoughts that we were ashamed.

I love sunbathing and party at the sea.

Plus, he didn`t have a wife. But my friend was free, so she had a date with a dance teacher. We enjoyed the bachelors party, we were most looking forward to the competition. You know how many of us competed there. Twenty-three! I don`t know if my friend and I have a chance. I tried a lot, but it was not enough, unfortunately. So the bachelors party was a competition, but I didn`t win it. I was about ten, but we didn`t mind. We had a great dinner with our dance teacher, so we were looking forward to having another delicious drink. I was looking forward to it a lot. But our teacher had to go home, he had his duties. We didn`t mind and we went to a disco to dance and taste a drink and food.